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Let’s Start Writing

Sign up now to join the Let’s Start Writing Workshop starting Monday 17th September 2018


Lets Start Writing

This online workshop is designed to be fun, get you thinking more creatively and includes lots of tips and tricks to get you started with your writing.

I have specially designed the daily tasks to be done in 10 minutes and believe me… you will be amazed what you can achieved in 10 minutes of writing!

I love running these workshops because people are often very nervous when they start but by the end are amazed by what they have achieved and the amount they have written – it’s awesome.

By the end of the workshop you will have

  • Untitled design-3Lists of ideas to write about
  • A technique to get you writing
  • Know how to get over the blank page panic
  • Some readily imagined characters
  • Included metaphors
  • Taken inspiration from your real life
  • Learnt some tips and tricks
  • Pages of writing already done!

This online workshop spans over 3 weeks.

First Week: Monday to Saturday, I send you a daily email with a discussion, tips & hints, examples and a small task that you do with a timer on so it never takes longer than 10 minutes.

Second Week: Once the creative juices are flowing and you will have already written a lot, you have time to write a short piece and send it to me.

Third Week: You will have a chance to read everyone’s work before emailing any feedback, words of encouragement, we can talk about what we loved, what we would like to have read more about and why.

What previous participants have said…
This workshop was exactly what I needed. The beautifully presented, upbeat and thought provoking emails sent every morning were a welcome bit of ‘me time’ after the school run. As a mum of four little ones, finding time to sit down, think and write is challenging but your short 10 minute exercises made it feel achievable and although they only took ten minutes, the ideas, inspiration and techniques will last far longer. I enjoyed it so much that this mum of four with no time on her hands has just signed up to the next stage!
– Emily Taylor
I had been thinking about writing but it can be overwhelming knowing where to start.  By day one I suddenly had an organised list rather than randomly going from one thing to another.  By day two I was able to face that blank page and the words just kept coming.  The freedom of just writing was exciting.  I loved every day of the workshop and was really looking forward to receiving the emails and discovering my next task. The workshop was clear with guidelines and examples which made it all very easy and the fact that we only needed to give 10 minutes a day made each task very do-able.  I now have a clear plan on what I would like the outcome for my writing to be, and an abundance of lists to work from.
– Lesley Barlow
I loved the course. I am a total novice when it comes to writing and you have given me some really useful tools to get me started. I love a list and a mood board and would have never had thought to use these as a starting point and for inspiration for my writing. Thank you Nicola, through doing this course you have opened up my mind to viewing and approaching writing in a different way.  
– Sarah Bienvenu
The two short courses have been very enjoyable and very therapeutic for me. I was taken on an unexpected journey. You can’t get better than that!  I really enjoyed crafting the final story in the Let’s Start Writing course.  I would like to say a very warm thank you. I will keep a look out for your next set of emails on writing courses.
– Christine Grieves


Let’s Start Writing

Sign up now to join the Let’s Start Writing Workshop starting Monday 17th September 2018


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About Nicola
Nicola is the author of ‘The Fabulous Woman’s Guide Through Cancer’ part memoir, part guide for people going through, or supporting someone going through cancer.  Nicola has also published creative fiction and non-fiction, as well as copyedits and copywriting for others.   Nicola has a First Class Honours BA in Creative Writing and English Literature and is currently completing her Masters in Creative Writing at the University of Cambridge.

Let’s Start Writing

Let's Start Writing


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