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There is a trick to making your copy interesting to read. Whether you want articles, blog posts or copy for your magazine or website, I can write interesting and approachable copy in a style that suits and reflects your brand’s personality.


Don’t let contact with potential customers get lost in their social media feeds.  I have experience creating personalised and bespoke e-marketing databases and campaigns so your company and message goes straight to potential customers inbox.

Copy Editing

From making sure that your copy is professional and free from errors to ensuring the structure, tone and style of the piece are as a strong as they can be, I can provide feedback to help you shape and present your writing.


A massive recommendation for Nicola, who did some copywriting for me a few weeks ago. I am a typical creative and get verbal diarrhoea when I talk about my business because I am so passionate about it, but find it really difficult to condense it into bite-size chunks for press releases, emails and general announcements. Nicola got my tone of voice immediately, researched the audiences I was trying to reach, and was also super speedy. Thank you so much for all your help. Can totally recommend 100%.
~ Jeanette Lendon from Jeanette Lendon Photography
Nicola has helped Showtime Circus grow by helping organise a very scatterbrained circus performer and organising the mailing system and contact information. She has written fantastic blogs which have persuaded parents that circus skills are VERY good for children and invaluable, it’s impressive how much she dedicates to learning about the subject matter in order to put together and informative piece of writing. I am excited to work with her more in the future and see what other articles she can come up with!
~ Jessica Antelope Hill, Director, Showtime Circus


Please feel free to email me at nicolabourne@icloud.com with any requests, questions or for my portfolio.  I hope that we are able to work together soon!

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