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Sunday Six Word Story

Unlike Icarus by Nicola Bourne ~ 14th October 2018



Sunday Six Word Story

Mental Health by Nicola Bourne ~ 16th September 2018

Mental Health six word story


Sunday Six Word Story

by Nicola Bourne ~ 29th July 2018




by Nicola Bourne ~ 8th June 2018 ~ Originally published on The Selkie

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 11.30.27

They say when someone dies they leave a hole in your heart, but I don’t think that’s true.

Instead, they add something to your heart. It has the shape and weight of a large boulder, and it’s forever in the way. It makes it hard for your heart to keep working. Hard to breathe. I tried explaining that to a woman at work, and she told me about someone her friend knew who had a tumour inside their heart the size of a pea. I think she thought that would help. Empathising by sharing a parallel story. They did both involve hearts. Maybe the emphasis was lost over text message.

That is why I bought him online.

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by Nicola Bourne ~ 5th June 2018

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Stars don_t die quietlythey scream light into the blazing skywith Ares_ sword pointed towards themselvesspitting and burning thetruththey splatter blinding supernovasinto the black p


Sunday Six Word Story

by Nicola Bourne ~ 8th April 2018



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