The Fabulous Woman’s Guide Through Cancer

“There is no other book like this out there. I thank and bless Nicola for taking the time and effort to write a publish this book.”

“Loved this book. Really inspiring and uplifting but also tackles the realities of depression and how to overcomes these. I really liked the stories from other women. Would recommend to anyone touched by cancer”

“Nicola is like the best friend you wish you had to guide you on your journey through cancer.”

“I have suffered with chronic illness for over 10 years and there were tips and information in this book that I wish I had known.”

“Most importantly this book provides a much-needed voice that you are not alone. It is a truly enlightening and educational book.”

The_Fabulous_Womans_Cover_for_KindleThe Fabulous Woman’s Guide Through Cancer is a down to earth, friendly book for any woman who is affected by cancer but still determined to feel in control of their life. Giving real advice from women affected by cancer it includes tips, examples, stories, memoirs, information and ideas to make the experience feel more manageable and like you are not on your own. The Fabulous Woman’s Guide Through Cancer combines self-help practicalities with engaging and honest personal memoirs. The book includes expertise from specialists such as a nutritionist, wig fitter, make-up artist and mastectomy wear fitter and explores areas such as;

♥ How to explain cancer to young children

♥ Depression and the emotional side of cancer

♥ What to pack for hospital

♥ Going into early-menopause

♥ Revamping your post cancer wardrobe

♥ Losing your hair

♥ How to stay social when you are too tired to go out

♥ How to keep feeling like yourself and stay lifted

Written with compassion, sensitivity and warmth this book is full of clearly presented information, tips, check lists and advice making it an invaluable companion to refer to again and again throughout the time it is needed.


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Paperback and Kindle Editions Available