Book Review – Sycamore Gap by L.J. Ross

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You may remember that a few months ago I gave a glowing review for LJ Ross’ debut novel Holy Island, the result was that I couldn’t wait for Ross’ second novel in the DCI Ryan series.  Thankfully, I know Ross so I could badger her (repeatedly) and get added to her beta list, yay!

Unknown-2I thoroughly enjoyed Sycamore Gap.  I really liked Holy Island but I definitely think this sequel is better. From the word go I was completely in the midst of this captivating story, still set in the North-England, with the location adding to the story significantly.

We get so much more insight into the characters, learning about Ryan’s past as it comes back to impact on the present, including all the relationships between the characters.

What I like most about this novel is the way it intertwines.  That is the story, the characters, the crimes, the past, they all intertwined and connected with Ross pulling at the various threads to draw the conclusion out.  I did also really love the imagery drawn from the location, I am desperate to visit Hadrian’s Wall now.

You don’t need to have read Holy Island to understand Sycamore Gap, there are enough tip its of information to keep things clear – without going on about the first book.  Having said that, I would read both, just because they are both awesome.

I could not put this novel down as the crimes, suspense and questions build but Ross has balanced the dark excellently, offsetting it with humour, some good old banter and Frank’s enviable ties.

It’s no surprise to me that Sycamore Gap has flown into the number 1 spot on the Amazon bestseller lists, just like Holy Island before it.  I would definitely recommend this book.

Sycamore Gap is available now on Amazon Kindle, currently only £1.99

Holy Island is available now on Amazon Kindle, currently £2.55 and in Paperback, currently £8.99

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