Spring Health & Beauty Tip 28 – Aveeno

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Deliciously smooth skin

Spring Health & Beauty Tip 28 – Aveeno

This is my absolute beauty product of the moment.  It was actually prescribed for my daughter who has eczema but I had to buy my own before I stole all of her as it made my skin so lovely.  Aveeno is Oat based (most moisturisers are petroleum based) and just leaves you skin feeling gorgeous.


Definitely my hero product of the summer.

Happy Moisturising x

Spring Health & Beauty Tip 6 – SPF in Moisturiser

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Don’t leave your skin open to sun damage!

Spring Health & Beauty Tip 6 – Don’t rely on SPF in Moisturiser

Now the weather is getting nicer, we are heading outside more and some are thinking their face is covered by the SPF in their moisturiser.  Most moisturisers have SPF in them nowadays and whilst that is great, there are a few things you need to think about….

  • When do you put your moisturiser on?  I’m guessing first thing in the morning when you get out the shower.
  • When do you head out in the sun in your day?  I’m guessing during your lunch break.
  • When do you reapply your moisturiser to top up the SPF?  I’m guessing you don’t!  Especially if you are a woman and have your make-up on.

SPF only lasts for 4 hours!

If you out your moisturiser on at 7am by 11am its ineffective.  As well as causing cancer UV rays also cause wrinkles and who wants either of those!

So just be aware, you do need to reapply your SPF during the day if you want to be protected.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Spring Health & Beauty Tip 3

Health and Beauty Tips

Eyes Bright x

Spring Health & Beauty Tip 3 – Don’t Overload the Eyes

The skin around the eyes is incredible sensitive and very thin, meaning that it is unable to absorb cream and moisturisers in the same way as the rest of the skin on the face.  When the skin just under the eyes doesn’t absorb it can create those little white spots that women sometimes get.


To avoid it, don’t put any cream above the your eye socket bone under the eye. The skin directly under the eye will then act as a blotting paper, slowly absorbing what it needs and making sure it only takes just the right amount – such a clever thing the body!