#100ActiveDays – Day 13

#100ActiveDays, Health & Beauty, Journey Back to Health

Day 13 is the day of walking!

Just over an hour to be precise and I kept it at a high pace. I made a point of keeping my posture really good, something I am generally shockingly bad at! Shoulders back, stomach muscles (what I have of them) tight… I could feel all my muscles working so much more.

Another thing I discovered today – roller skating makes your back & shoulders seriously ache the next day! Still worth it though

#100ActiveDays – Day 8

#100ActiveDays, Health & Beauty, Journey Back to Health

So hubby is out for a ‘quick drink after work’ read; out for the duration – so I am home with the kids and have been with my daughter all day meaning I haven’t been able to get out to exercise but no drama!  Super-Davina fitness dvd to the rescue again!

Plus, I’m able to watch the pure shite on TV that I love once I flopped onto the sofa afterwards = joy!!

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#100ActiveDays – Day 7

#100ActiveDays, Health & Beauty, Journey Back to Health

Day 7 and its Davina Fit in 15 whilst the kids eat their breakfast.  I don’t always find it easy fitting exercise around life so I find this DVD amazing.  But don’t be fooled into thinking, only 15 minutes,  it’s exhausting!  And I am generally a massive fan of Davina and her fitness DVD’s.  As I literally didn’t fit in any exercise outside the normal chasing after kids I did two this morning!!

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#100ActiveDays – Day 2

#100ActiveDays, Health & Beauty

Day Two – Fit Mums

Awesome work out with Fit Mums. An amazing invention as you can take your kids with you! So we were all out exercising this afternoon, a much-needed run around to burn off some of that half term energy!

Running, followed by some serious lunges, followed by boxing, followed by sits ups and planks!

What I learnt today… I LOVE boxing and it has taken all the knots out of my shoulders.

Definitely going back!


#100ActiveDays, Journey Back to Health

Today was a landmark day.  My first run in a year – and when I say year, I mean – a year ago I jogged a couple of times, not a year ago I was entering marathons – just want to be clear!  But in attempt to be ‘Fit and Fabulous’, excuses finished, I’m getting fit.

I did 100 Healthy Day’s before which was really helped but this is a bit more specific about exercise.  So  my goal – to do something active and fitness related, everyday for 100 days.  This time I will be blogging about it daily to keep me on track, because you are more likely to stick to a goal if you share what you are doing with others – and hopefully hear some words of encouragement about it from you about how amazingly I am doing?! 🙂

Also, any suggestions about things I could be doing and trying, more than welcome.  I had some awesome one’s when I was doing #100HealthyDays so more please.

Day 1 – Running

Out the house at 6am (before baby girl wakes up).  I read a good way to start running is to do 1 minute running, 1 minute walking, 1 minute running, 1 minute walking…..  So that is what I did, for 15 minutes.  Followed by 50 sit-ups (the little ones) and a bit of stretching.

Day 12 – 100 Healthy Days – Up-ing My Game

Goals, Health & Beauty, Journey Back to Health

12 Days in, how’s it been going?

The first few days my actual goal that is to ‘move more’ was met but my hope for that to include daily exercising was near impossible.  Mainly due to a horrible cough and cold and clashing schedules with my hubby (my friend is never going to arrange to go running with me again the amount I had to cancel on her) but as I said, I have been successful in moving more.  Walking into town with the children instead of driving as I normally would, small changes like that, that are hopefully going to make a big difference.

Eating wise though things did start well.  Swapping spaghetti for ribboned Courgettes when the family are having pasta, having Ryvitta ‘sandwiches’ instead of actual sandwiches and making a real point of going for the healthy option – like when we stopped for breakfast, everyone ordered the full English, I had a Granola, Fruit & Yogurt Knickerbocker Glory – somehow I swear it tastes better delivered as a dessert.  I did still have the odd ice-cream with the kids (as I said nothing has been dis-allowed) but worlds apart from where my diet has been recently.

The last few days I have done really well.  Swimming everyday, eating salads, rice dishes and fresh food.    I do feel that I should tell you though that this is currently what I am working with – think it would actually be tougher to not go swimming everyday in this pool.


What I am hoping is that this will continue and serve as seriously good motivation once I am back in the UK.  Time will tell…. But I think I need your help!  I need tips, suggestions, ideas, things to do, exercise classes, apps – anything that can help push me forward it my goal of 100 Healthy Days.  I am including Emotional Health in this so anything you can think of.  Please pop your comment in the box below and let me know.  Thanks!

If you want to remind yourself on how this started you can read my original blog post here!

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Easy Quick Healthy Tip 13

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Stirctly Come Your Living Room!

Easy Quick Healthy Tip 13 – Dancing

Another exercising one but…… The best thing about dancing is that it often doesn’t feel like exercise. I’m not talking about going to organised dancing classes (although those are good too), I am talking about crank the music up to your favorite song and go crazy in your living room. It’s FREE, it’s FUN, it will get the blood pumping and those endorphins releasing. It is easy to do with the children (if that is something you need to think about). And it’s not weather dependant. My kids and I often play a game where we all have to think of a new dance move and we all have to copy, like Simon Says with dance moves.

A seriously fun way to get a little exercise in your day.

Easy Quick Healthy Tip 12

Health and Beauty Tips, Journey Back to Health

These boots are made for….

Easy Quick Healthy Tip 12 – Walking

WalkingEspecially afer surgery or cancer – or any longterm illness / prolonged period of no exercise, you can often feel a little concerned about exercise and how much you can or should do.  Walking is a fantastic way to start as you can take it slowly and keep the walks short as you start and then build on your pace and the length as you feel your strength building.

Another factor that makes walking so fantastic is it’s be proven to be fantastic for your mood.  Getting out walking can help with depression and Season Affected Disorder which is prevelant at this time of year.  It’s especially effective for SAD if you can get a little sunshine and vitamin D on your skin in this miserable weather.  Even when the weather is bad me and mine get out these in our wellies and raincoats (not if its pouring, we’re not mad)!

Going for walks can also be really social, get a group of friends together or your best mate and rather than just sitting on the sofa, get out there.  Get all the benefits and there is plenty of time for chat – my kind of exercise.

Walking is also said to be more effective than coffee or a nap at fighting fatigue.  So the more tired you are, the more vital it is you get out there.

Final thing I am going to say about walking… it can really help clear your head and blow the cobwebs away.  Especially if you have been ill or stuck inside a lot lately, you can come back feeling so fresh and revitalised for being outside and getting some fresh air in your gills.  Even if you live in the middle of a city, the great thing about England is you are never to far from a park but if the City is your thing; walk around it, investigate it, look at the architecture, enjoy the sounds, just get out there!

Easy Quick Healthy Tip 3

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UnknownNeed to start getting moving!

Easy Quick Healthy Tip 3 – Get A Bit of Davina in Your Life

I love Davina, I think I have all her DVD’s because I think they are fab, when I have the time.  I am one of the many who says…. but I don’t have time for exercise!  And its true, I really don’t… really, but that is what I am thrilled to bits with her latest release which has just arrived.  Why do I love it so much?  Each section is only 15 minutes, so only I need 15 minutes of time a day…. think I can just about manage that?!

Kick Starting the Health Drive

Journey Back to Health

After a particularly bad week last week I have really picked up the pace to get my journey back t0 health moving for the Mind, Body & Soul.  So what have I done….

1.  I went to see my GP about the fact I emotionally was feeling like I couldn’t do it any longer.  As anyone who know’s me will tell you, I have very little positive comments about my GP surgery but I have to say I was really impressed.  He took me very seriously I was immediately referred & contacted by a specialist.  After a one hour phone consultation he suggested Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which I will be starting shortly.

2.  My bike has been removed from it’s hiding place in the shed, dusted off & even ridden.  It was shocking how quickly I was tired but it was also the first time I have ridden my bike since my operation in August 2012 so to be expected.  Mr B & I have also made a commitment to doing some exercise 3 times a week & getting out more for long walks / bike rides etc at the weekends.  This started last night with a DVD in the living room.  So much more fun doing it with someone else so really pleased he is doing it with me.

3.  I have booked in with a Nutritionist, The Fairy Food Mother.  Now I’m not going to lie, I have happily been putting this off because quite frankly I am addicted to Coca-Cola – there I have said it, my name is Nicola & I am an addict – & I know the first thing she is going to tell me is to give up my beloved.  But it is bull by the horns time so bring it.

4.  This also bring me nicely onto point number 4. I am arranging to see a Hypnotherapist to help with what really can only be called an addiction to sugar & all things unhealthy, so that I can really get stuck into my new health lifestyle.

Even though I haven’t actually done anything yet I cannot tell you how much better I feel.  Just putting positive steps into place has made me feel more in control & uplifted.  It has also banished the feeling that there is no point, I will never feel well again because I will, I just have to make it happen a little more.

Not bad for a week!  I will keep you updated with the progress of all mentioned above but if you are thinking that you want to make changes but aren’t sure where to start…

Just do what I did.  Think about what is the most important & start putting in positive steps to make that thing happen / better for you.

Wishing you love, health & happiness