#100ActiveDays – Day 100!!!

#100ActiveDays, Journey Back to Health

IMG_8849Yes Day 100, I actually can’t believe it.

Well it was actually yesterday and we spent it on a long walk around the woods near where we live on an adventure / bug hunt.

I would definitely say that #100ActiveDays has given me so much motivation, even if it hasn’t made me a lot fitter in technical terms.  Day’s when I thought I couldn’t really be bothered, I made sure I did something, even if it was just walking the school run instead of driving.

That level of motivation has also seeped through into other areas of my life and I have definitely got more energy and drive to get on with things rather than thinking, I can’t really be bothered and flopping on the sofa.  That said it has also been excellent for me tuning back into my body after the illness and treatment and learning when I need to hang back and not push my body to hard – like with my ankle, more on that later…

Another thing I have enjoy is doing so many of the activities with my husband and children, turning them into family time.  The children now love going on adventure walks and looking for bugs, even when the weather is pretty terrible.  My little daughter loves joining in when I do an exercise DVD (and by joining in I mean getting under my feet, jumping up and down and shouting ‘this is exhausting’ :)), she thinks the whole thing is hilarious.


I was certainly hoping to do more running than I have but an old ankle injury flaring up and then falling down the stairs and bruising my ankle awfully (I’m fine by the way, I slipped whilst holding my laptop which I didn’t want to drop so I didn’t put my hands out / grab onto the banister and went sliding down instead bruising my ankle, thigh and arm – priorities?!) have meant it hasn’t been possible.  But that hasn’t stopped me bring active with walks and fitness DVD’s.

My favourite activity was Roller Skating and the children agree so the kids and I will definitely be going roller skating again soon.

But it’s not all going to end here.  I am still going to try to make sure that I remain active everyday and continue to reap the rewards.  Do you think you would try to complete #100ActiveDays?  Let me know in the comments and tell me what you will be doing.  I am confident you will find it a positive thing to do!

Happy exercising!


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#100ActiveDays – Day 95


Day 95 – Walk around The Great Park, Windsor 

I got to go somewhere a little different for my walk today.  After spending time on a literary weekend in Windsor today we got to go for a long walk through the great Windsor Park, with amazing views of Windsor castle.  Thankfully we have had a bright, sunny, relatively mild day and it was so amazing to get out in the sunshine and blow the cobwebs away.  Was awesome!

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#100ActiveDays – Day 82

#100ActiveDays, Health & Beauty

What can you achieve in 7 minutes?

A LOT!  One of the best things about New Year is all the new fitness DVD’s that come onto the market – including yet another beauty from my old favourite Davina McCall.  Each section is 7 minutes plus the warm up.  I honestly can’t tell you how much I ache now.  Her new personal trainer seems awesome as well.  Can’t wait to give more of the sections a go!


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#100ActiveDays – Day 71

#100ActiveDays, Health & Beauty

Day 71 – Change of Plans

I was going to go to Zumba for the first time tonight but husband didn’t get back in time to take over with the kids so Davina it was!

I actually did the core workout but today the muscles in my bum are equally painful. She works you hard that Davina!!


#100ActiveDays – Day 40

#100ActiveDays, Health & Beauty, Journey Back to Health

We were out and about making the most of the dry (albeit incredibly windy) weather this weekend and making the most of being near the beach.

I love where I live but if I could change something about it, I would move it to a shoreline, I just love the beach and (probably weirdly), especially in the cold, when it is deserted and in my mind, even more beautiful.

So whilst visiting Norfolk with all the family, a walk on the beach was firmly on the agenda and was made even more magical by a certain seal following us up and down the shoreline, popping its head out every few seconds to see what we were all up too!

An awesome way to spend my 40th active day!

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#100ActiveDays – Day 30

#100ActiveDays, Health & Beauty, Journey Back to Health

This is actually a day behind so I will post again tomorrow but yesterday – bit more dog walking with my baby girl.  For a non-dog-owner, I do like walking a dog, but I must be honest, I especially like that the dog then makes someone else’s boot all messy.  I would say it’s not too dissimilar to being an aunt of little kids and getting to hand them back when they start crying! 🙂

We walked all through the woods near where I live and I am lucky because they are lots of gorgeous places to walk around me, especially at this time of year.


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#100ActiveDays – Day 26

#100ActiveDays, Health & Beauty, Journey Back to Health

Day 26 – Dog Walking

I don’t actually have a dog, but my friend does so I was able to take advantage of the surprisingly wonderful weather today and go dog walking with all the children.  Even managed to fit in a touch of tree climbing!

I have had some awesome ‘challenges’ to keep me active over the next 74 days but do keep them coming and I will let you know how I am getting on shortly.


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#100ActiveDays – Day 23

#100ActiveDays, Health & Beauty, Journey Back to Health

These boots are made for walking….  I have actually got some new walking boots as I am doing so much of it in such horrendous weather, my feet can at least stay nice and dry.

As much as I love walking – and I do – I am seriously looking for some “out there” activities and I want you lovely people to be involved.  So here is what I want YOU to do….


Yes, challenge me to do some sort of activity and I will try my hardest to get involved in it within my #100ActiveDays

Think of me as Harpenden’s answer to the funny guy they have on BBC Breakfast trying all the weird and wonderful sports!

Just a quick note that I HATE HEIGHTS!  Seriously.  It’s quite a new thing, started in my 20’s but anyway, I really do, so if you were to recommend some sort of abseiling or sky diving type activity, I can tell you now, I aint doing it!

Also, despite my best efforts, I don’t have a money tree, may be worth bearing in mind?!

So come on peeps, what would you like to see me doing?  Scroll right to the end of the page and leave a comment or you can Facebook or Tweet me your ideas and I promise I am going to try to do as many of them as possible!


Full Disclaimer – It’s ultimately up to me if I do your suggestion or not… I’m not flipping insane.

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#100ActiveDays – Day 17

#100ActiveDays, Health & Beauty, Journey Back to Health

It’s cold, it’s dark, it’s miserable, it’s not exercise outside weather, but no drama – I have Davina which I am still loving.  I would quite like to get some more exercise DVD’s though as I find them really good in this weather, around the kids etc… so please leave a message in the comments box below and let me know!

Thanks peeps x



#100ActiveDays, Journey Back to Health

Today was a landmark day.  My first run in a year – and when I say year, I mean – a year ago I jogged a couple of times, not a year ago I was entering marathons – just want to be clear!  But in attempt to be ‘Fit and Fabulous’, excuses finished, I’m getting fit.

I did 100 Healthy Day’s before which was really helped but this is a bit more specific about exercise.  So  my goal – to do something active and fitness related, everyday for 100 days.  This time I will be blogging about it daily to keep me on track, because you are more likely to stick to a goal if you share what you are doing with others – and hopefully hear some words of encouragement about it from you about how amazingly I am doing?! 🙂

Also, any suggestions about things I could be doing and trying, more than welcome.  I had some awesome one’s when I was doing #100HealthyDays so more please.

Day 1 – Running

Out the house at 6am (before baby girl wakes up).  I read a good way to start running is to do 1 minute running, 1 minute walking, 1 minute running, 1 minute walking…..  So that is what I did, for 15 minutes.  Followed by 50 sit-ups (the little ones) and a bit of stretching.