#100ActiveDays – Day 45

#100ActiveDays, Health & Beauty, Journey Back to Health

I have been horribly ill again!  I know it is the time of year and the kids bring home all sorts of bugs, that combined with an immune system that is still a little weak is never going to end well but still, slightly annoying and it’s not doing anything to assist me in my ‘100 Active Days’ genius plan!

Literally after I sent my last post, quite specifically at 7.30pm I lost my voice and haven’t quite got back to normal.

But good will prevail and I normal service will resume shortly……

Wish me well & any tips you have to boost an immune system will be warmly welcomed! x

#100ActiveDays – Day 15

#100ActiveDays, Health & Beauty, Journey Back to Health

Day 15 – getting rid of an awful cough & cold and Walking!

I haven’t written for a few days as I have been nursing a horrible cough & cold. I have still remained active, walking journeys I would normally drive etc but haven’t quite felt up to the normal activities. If there is one thing I have learnt over the last few years, it’s to listen to my body.

To keep things even I am going to continue with today as day 15 so I’m not missing out on the grand scheme of things!

Day 15 is walking & getting back into things!