Spring Health & Beauty Tip 25 – Oat Bath

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Nourish Your Skin

Spring Health & Beauty Tip 25 – Oat Bath

An oat bath is often recommended for kids who have chicken-pox which is actually how I found out about it.  But it’s not just chickenpox’s that its good for, Oats and Oatmeal are fantastic for the skin.


Put some oats in a cloth and tie it around the bath tap so that as the bath is running the water is coming through the oats and cloth.  This will produce a wonderful milk from the oats.  Another little tip – I often use a hair band to secure the fabric around the tap.



  • An Oat Bath is Cleansing – the oat particles stick to dirt and dead skin cells allowing them all to be washed away.
  • It’s Soothing – which is why it is often recommended for chicken-pox or eczema.
  • Its Moisturising – the oats restore moisture into the skin and balance the skins natural pH.
  • It’s Protective – the milk from the oats leaves a lovely protective layer over the skin that makes you feel like you’ve moisturised as soon as you get out of the bath.

Happy bathing x

Time for a Reflex Detox

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0_0_0_0_245_245_library_115852[1]You OK? Surviving after all the festivities? Feeling like you could do with a bit of a detox? Me too!

I love Christmas and New Year but come the 1st January, I am ready to get back to feeling my best and nourishing my body after its taken a bit of a battering. We all know that we can cause toxins to build up in our body through the food we eat, drinks we drink, environmental factors (some of which to be fair we can’t control) but all of it takes its toll on our body and none more than during the ‘silly season’. Well I am pleased to tell you that there is way that you can help your body to detoxify and bring everything back into balance, by having your feet treated with Reflexology.

Reflexology works on the principle that nerve endings and energy pathways all travel down to the feet and present a map of the body on the feet. By massaging and minipulating these areas, we are able in turn, to treat the body internally and removing any blackages in the body’s energy.

Reflexology increases movement in the circulatory (delivering blood, oxygen and nutrients to the cells and organs) and lymphatic (removing waste and toxins from the cells and organs) systems on a very physical and cellular level. You are basically flooding your cells with the good stuff and encouraging the removal of the bad stuff. Reflexology is a natural theraoy in that it is encouraging your bodies own systems to work more effectivly. Having said that you need to do your bit to help. Drinking lots of water being step number one to keep flushing the cells clean.

Another effective function of Reflexology is that it balances the endocrine system which is in charge of all your glands, hormones, mood balancers, stress, which lets face it can go into overdrive at Christmas and this combined with alcohol and lack of sleep is not going to be good. Balancing the glands again, can help with that lethargic and de-motivated feeling and can help to calm you and give you more energy. You will also feel like you have more energy once you body starts to detoxify…. another massive benefit.

On top of all this Reflexology is a very relaxing treatment that also offers a lovel of pampering…. can you actually think of a more plesent way to help your body detox?

If you want to book youraself in for a wonderful Reflexology appintment, please do not hesitate to contact me xx