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images-1Going through Christmas and New Year when you have cancer can be a strange thing. It becomes more poignant, more emotional, more lovely, more sad, more everything… I know from first hand that heightened emotions that come from big occasions and family get-together can therefore become a little stressful and require a lot more planning. That’s why I wrote about attending any big occasion in my book, but with Christmas tomorrow (how is it here already) I thought I would share a couple of Top Tips that I found made Christmas easier…


In your mind, walk through the day so you can get your head around how the day is expected to play out. For example if you are visiting your parents for the day it may be something like:

  • It’s a two-hour drive there and I will need to take painkillers during that time so I must have some water and fruit with me in the car
  • I’ll wear something comfy in the car and change into my outfit when I get there so I need to pack my outfit
  • We aren’t eating until 4pm but I will need a snack to take medication with at lunchtime so I will take some nuts for then
  • I need to change plasters at 2pm but we will be having a pre-lunch walk then so I need to make sure I do it before we leave for our walk and take plasters with me.
  • So on…

Doing this should help take out the element of surprise and make it less nerve-racking.

FABULOUS TIP – I find it easy to remember to take medication when I am at home but when I come out of my normal routine I easily forget. Set a reminder on your phone to make sure you don’t lose track of what you need to be taking and when. 


This will be your home away from home whilst at an event, but to save you walking around with a bag that is gong to break your shoulder, I would go for the cute little bag that holds your phone and the bits that you would normally take out with you and then a second bag for medical supplies, change of outfit, whatever it may be, that you can leave in the car / under the table for if and when you need it.

FABULOUS TIP – Take double the number of the essentials you need. If you know you will need two painkillers during the time period, take four. That way if you get caught in traffic or end up staying later than planned or anything like that, you know you’re covered. 


If you need to change bandages or plasters, make sure they are easily accessible in what you are wearing – or that you will be able to go somewhere and change when needed.

Have your outfit completely ready to go before-hand and that means everything – tights, fascinator, coat, underwear, wig, scarf, literally the whole outfit from top to bottom, including everything that you need in your handbag. Will save you panicking on the day because you can’t find the right denier tights.


Don’t feel like you have to be the last one to leave. Do as much as you can and when you start to feel like it is enough, tell your host that you are starting to feel unwell and have to leave.

I found tiredness would creep up on me and suddenly I would be beyond exhausted. Once I was at that point of exhaustion, I would be knocked out for the next few days and the pain would then be difficult to stay on top of, so it was always best for me to leave before that point.


Having said that, we all need a blow out every now and then – especially when going through something like cancer, so don’t feel bad if you do get caught up in the moment and spend the next few days paying for it, just enjoy yourself, you definitely deserve it!


#100ActiveDays – Day 33

#100ActiveDays, Health & Beauty, Journey Back to Health

Again this is actually yesterday…..

I am going to put my normal day as it was stupidly active and I have actually woken up with aching muscles this morning.  I did not sit down ALL DAY!

Started by getting up at 6am – yes 6! – with the kids, decorating cakes, tidying, looking after them, getting everything sorted.  By 9am I was at the hall helping my fellow NCT lovelies get the hall ready for the NCT Christmas Party.  I then spent 2 hours assisting/enjoying the party and another hour helping put everything away.

Straight in the car to a kid’s birthday party – anyone who has little children will know what an all-encompassing, completely exhausting thing it is to ‘be’ at a children’s birthday party.  Was there till 4pm.

At which point I finally got to sit down, completely exhausted.  One seriously enjoyable and very active day!!

christmas party

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The Liebster Award

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After being nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award I have now been nominated by Staying Mom for The Liebester Award.  I am so thrilled and really appreciate it.  The Liebester Award takes the same notion of giving bloggers a chance to nominate other blogs they enjoy.


How it works…

Post the award on your blog.
Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog.
Write 11 random facts about yourself.
Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 200 followers.
Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees 11 questions.

11 Random Facts

As we are slowly getting into the Christmas spirit, I thought I would give you 11 random Christmas related facts about me…

  • Christmas is irrevocably my favourite celebration of the year.  If I could only celebrate one thing, Christmas would be it.
  • When I was a kid, Christmas was a frantically hectic day spent travelling from one family member to another.  I loved it but when people talk about playing with their toys and falling asleep in front of the Queens speech, that NEVER happened.  We would be rushing on to someone else.
  • When we were little my female cousins and I always had to be in the same dress or we would be heartbroken.
how we roll

how we roll

  • Love a bit of charades!
  • I don’t like Christmas cake or pudding, no one on my side of the family does, so we never have it.  The first Christmas my husband had with us, he was horrified there wasn’t any so now we always have one… and only one slice gets eaten.
  • On the top of the tree is an extra special decoration – a framed picture of my mum (who I lost to cancer 6 years ago) on her wedding day, undoubtably my favourite decoration.


  • We’ve started a tradition with our kids, they get new pyjamas and a Christmas book on Christmas eve.
  • I am totally doing Elf on a Shelf this year.  Nothing like a bit of Christmas inspired bribery!
  • I am (somewhat amazingly) known for my Mince Pies – which are actually more like Mince Stars and I give out to friends and neighbours as a little pre-Christmas treat.


  • My favourite thing about Christmas are the traditions like Christingle and Nativity and the ‘spirit’ of Christmas.  People are kinder and more charitable.  Myself included, I don’t normally drop jars of treats into people.  It’s like when you have cancer, people are kinder to you, and I love that.

The 11 Questions Posted by the Presenter

  • What is your favorite quote?  “A woman is like a tea bag.  You never know how strong she is until she is in hot water” – Eleanor Roosevelt.  This quote seemed to follow me around when I had cancer and had never felt more true.  I also love “A woman should be two things, classy and fabulous” from Coco Channel – equally true!
  • Your favorite food?  Steak.  I have a rule that if anyone else orders steak at the table, I order it too, otherwise I will spend the whole meal with food envy!
  • Your favourite vacation?  I really don’t know, so many different trips and holidays have been amazing and my favourite for different reasons.
  • Your favourite book?  A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
  • Your favourite colour?  Green
  • Your favourite movie?  Love Actually
  • Your favorite outfit?  Jeans and heels really – not terribly specific
  • Your favorite place?  My heart will always belong to London (and Harpenden) but Edinburgh and Bath are the two other cities that I could easily belong too.
  • Your favorite drink?  Vanilla Latte – ideally from Costa, yum!
  • Your favorite flower?  Roses, always.
  • Your favorite blog?  I literally can’t pick one.  I get excited when I see any of the below pop up in my reader.

The 11 Blogs I Nominate…

My 11 Questions Christmas related questions…

  • What are you doing for Christmas this year?
  • Frozen or Toy Story?
  • Favourite Christmas TV special?
  • Favourite Christmas movie?
  • Favourite carol?
  • Turkey or Goose?
  • Favourite Christmas vegetable?
  • Coloured lights or white lights?
  • What colour are your Christmas tree decorations?
  • Any family traditions?
  • Your favourite thing about Christmas?

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Time for a Reflex Detox

Complementary Therapies

0_0_0_0_245_245_library_115852[1]You OK? Surviving after all the festivities? Feeling like you could do with a bit of a detox? Me too!

I love Christmas and New Year but come the 1st January, I am ready to get back to feeling my best and nourishing my body after its taken a bit of a battering. We all know that we can cause toxins to build up in our body through the food we eat, drinks we drink, environmental factors (some of which to be fair we can’t control) but all of it takes its toll on our body and none more than during the ‘silly season’. Well I am pleased to tell you that there is way that you can help your body to detoxify and bring everything back into balance, by having your feet treated with Reflexology.

Reflexology works on the principle that nerve endings and energy pathways all travel down to the feet and present a map of the body on the feet. By massaging and minipulating these areas, we are able in turn, to treat the body internally and removing any blackages in the body’s energy.

Reflexology increases movement in the circulatory (delivering blood, oxygen and nutrients to the cells and organs) and lymphatic (removing waste and toxins from the cells and organs) systems on a very physical and cellular level. You are basically flooding your cells with the good stuff and encouraging the removal of the bad stuff. Reflexology is a natural theraoy in that it is encouraging your bodies own systems to work more effectivly. Having said that you need to do your bit to help. Drinking lots of water being step number one to keep flushing the cells clean.

Another effective function of Reflexology is that it balances the endocrine system which is in charge of all your glands, hormones, mood balancers, stress, which lets face it can go into overdrive at Christmas and this combined with alcohol and lack of sleep is not going to be good. Balancing the glands again, can help with that lethargic and de-motivated feeling and can help to calm you and give you more energy. You will also feel like you have more energy once you body starts to detoxify…. another massive benefit.

On top of all this Reflexology is a very relaxing treatment that also offers a lovel of pampering…. can you actually think of a more plesent way to help your body detox?

If you want to book youraself in for a wonderful Reflexology appintment, please do not hesitate to contact me xx