#100ActiveDays – Day 23

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These boots are made for walking….  I have actually got some new walking boots as I am doing so much of it in such horrendous weather, my feet can at least stay nice and dry.

As much as I love walking – and I do – I am seriously looking for some “out there” activities and I want you lovely people to be involved.  So here is what I want YOU to do….


Yes, challenge me to do some sort of activity and I will try my hardest to get involved in it within my #100ActiveDays

Think of me as Harpenden’s answer to the funny guy they have on BBC Breakfast trying all the weird and wonderful sports!

Just a quick note that I HATE HEIGHTS!  Seriously.  It’s quite a new thing, started in my 20’s but anyway, I really do, so if you were to recommend some sort of abseiling or sky diving type activity, I can tell you now, I aint doing it!

Also, despite my best efforts, I don’t have a money tree, may be worth bearing in mind?!

So come on peeps, what would you like to see me doing?  Scroll right to the end of the page and leave a comment or you can Facebook or Tweet me your ideas and I promise I am going to try to do as many of them as possible!


Full Disclaimer – It’s ultimately up to me if I do your suggestion or not… I’m not flipping insane.

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