Book Review – A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding by Jackie Copleton

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Exquisitely wonderful is the best way to describe this book!

I was sent a copy of ‘A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding‘ by Jakie Copleton from THE Book Club (TBC) in exchange for an honest review and gosh… am I pleased I put myself forward to read it when they asked.

The novel opens with a bang!  Immediately there is a completly unexpected mystery.  The story is mainly set against the back drop of the atomic bomb being dropped in Nagasaki, Japan during World War Two, such an interesting period of time that I have rarely read about from this point of view and made a wonderfully and moving setting.  Centring on a woman who is reflecting on her life, the decisions she made and how they impacted on her family as a whole.  The story moves back and forth in time, through the woman’s memories, her daughters diary and letters written long ago, all of which slowly build a picture that helps solve the questions posed in the first chapter.

From about half way through, I could barely put the book down as the drama and momentum build with all the pieces of information starting to fall together and unraveling in surprising ways.  I loved reading about Japan during the second world war, learning so much about the country, customs and history through the beautiful descriptions Copleton includes throughout.

A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding‘ is such a wonderful book and I would recommend for anyone to read it.

4.5 Stars from me.

Happy reading x

Book Review – The Woman Who Upped and Left by Fiona Gibson

To Love To Read

Hello all,

I just had to recommend this book to you all…

RomCom isn’t usually my genre of choice, favouring literature, drama and thrillers but as I was going on holiday I thought I go for something more uplifting and I’m so pleased I did.

Most importantly, it was still very well written, very important to me.  One of my favourite things was that good and bad things happened throughout the novel rather than that common – something goes wrong, everything turns out alright. I found this a much more interesting read and kept the novel a real page turner.

I thought this was the perfect summer read, very funny and thoroughly enjoyable. So lovely to have something uplifting to read after quite a lot of thrillers recently.

I have never read anything by this author before but have been busy downloading and starting reading everything else she has written I enjoyed it so much.

It’s also only 99p on Kindle at the moment and only £3.49 in paperback, so if you are looking for something interesting, well written, funny and uplifting, get downloading now!



I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh – Book Review

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Oh my gosh!  What a page turner.  I actually can’t believe how addictive this book is.  I was up hours past my bedtime  because I just… couldn’t… stop!

Sometimes I don’t like ‘twist’ books because you feel the whole book is just building for the twist and misses substance in the mean time.  This was NOTHING like that.  The parts in-between the incredible twists were just as wonderful, with heartfelt and moving story lines threading through the narrative.  Mackintosh’s insights into the human spirit and what makes people do the things they do are thought-provoking and insightful.

Part two of the novel is not for the fainthearted but the pace of the book builds in the most incredible way – hence me still being up reading just hours before my kids woke up!


An amazing read, completely recommended.

Happy reading x