The Mature Students Guide to Starting University

It seems strange that this time last year I was tentatively finding out if I would finally be able to fulfil the dream of going to University to read Literature and Writing.  Here I am going into my second year (as I'm part time this is the second part of my first year).  I love [...]

It’s all about the knickers!!

I love this blog. The Ostomy Champagne Lifestyle has a wonderful way of looking at life with an Ostomy & her latest is one of my favourite posts! Enjoy x


I have said for a couple of weeks now that I would talk about my knickers and I really don’t wish to disappoint anyone as I am sure you are all very excited for this 😉

It’s amazing how much publicity there has been recently around girls and guys wearing Ostomy bags and hi-lighting Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD), encouraging people not to be shy and to proudly talk about their bags and/or their IBD. I think this is great and it really is a taboo subject that we should all be more open about. I work for a bowel cancer charity and we are all about raising awareness and encouraging people to talk poo.

But there are times when you might not want to have your bag on show or you may need to cover it up, so what do you do then? Sometimes you just need to keep the…

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Spring Health & Beauty Tip 15 – Olive Oil

The Wonders of Olive Oil Spring Health & Beauty Tip 15 - Olive Oil Olive Oil can be used in all kinds of fantastic ways to keep your hair, skin and nails looking fabulous! Some people panic at the thought of putting oil on their skin, thinking that it is going to make it even [...]

Spring Health & Beauty Tip 14 – Eat Yourself Beautiful

It's not just what you put on your skin, but what goes into your body Spring Health & Beauty Tip - Ear Yourself Beautiful If you really want your skin to look beautiful, what you put into it can help even more than what you put onto it, so its vital you keep loading yourself [...]