Spring Health & Beauty Tip 29 – Stay Happy

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Last tip of the series

Spring Health & Beauty Tip 29 – Stay Happy

This is my last tip of the Spring Health & Beauty Tip series which aimed to bring you a tip a day for the month of May.  I hope that you have found all the tips useful and have incorporated some into you life?  I would love to hear which so please let me know by pressing the comment button and leaving me a message.

My final tip is Stay Happy because I honestly believe that most of our Health & Beauty comes from within and that happiness radiates through all the creams you can buy and salads you can eat.

I still have loads of cool stuff lined up for June so check back and see what’s new.  You can also follow this blog.  Just click on the follow button to the right or enter your email address and you will get an update when I post.  You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy Happiness! x

Spring Health & Beauty Tip 23 – Vision Board

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See what you want your world to be

Spring Health & Beauty Tip 23 – Vision Board

A Vision Board is a collation of images and affirmations that create a picture of the things you want.  This is a slight continuation of tip 21 What Do You Want?  as it can help to truly visualise what you have decided you want in your life and help keep you focused.

Once you have thought about what it is you want, scour magazines, online, draw pictures, anything that brings the vision of what you want to life.  For example if you want to be healthier you may put on photo’s of fresh fruit and vegetables and someone working out.

You want to put it up in a prominent place so that you see it everyday.  By seeing it everyday you keep your goals, wants and dreams in the front of you mind and yourself more focused on achieving them.

Remember there is no right or wrong when it comes to making a vision board, its a reflection of you and your wants.

Happy Visioning x

Spring Health & Beauty Tip 21 – What Do You Want?

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Stop thinking about what you don’t want and start thinking about what you do want….

Spring health & Beauty Tip 21 – What Do You Want?

So easy to focus on the bad and never the good.  The problem with that is that you waste all your energy on the wrong thing.  We also sometimes know that we don’t want what we have but we never truly think about what we do want or how we are going to make it happen.

So here are some questions to think about, try and answer them all and make the answers as detailed as humanly possible.  The clearer the vision is in your mind, the more chance you will have of making it happen….

  • What have you always wanted to do but been afraid to try?
  • What prevented you from trying?
  • What would you do if you couldn’t fail?
  • What would you do if money wasn’t a consideration?
  • What does the life you dream of look like?

Now you have identified what you want, think about where you are and where you want to be and map out all the steps between here and there.  Break it down into very small steps so everything is achievable.

My New Years Resolution is… To Keep My New Years Resolution

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Personally I love the new year.  The time for some reflection over the last year and time to pause and think about what you would like to achieve over the next.  For me, New Years Resolutions are all part of that but why is that most of us find it so hard to keep our new years resolutions and they are normally completly forgotten by mid-January?  Setting a new years resolution is no different to setting a goal, like we do for Life Coaching all the time so I am going to show you those principles so that you set new years resolutions that you can keep this year.

Firstly; make sure it is a goal that you want to set.  There is no point in setting a goal that you don’t really care about because you are setting yourself up to fail. Just setting the goal isn’t helping anyone, it has to be something you are willing to work towards so it has to be something you really want.

Secondly; Goals need to be specific.  It’s not good saying, I want to lose weight (thought I would go with that one as it seens to be the most common), be specific.  How much weight?  When do you want to lose the weight by?  How will you acieve this, through exercise / diet / both)?  If it is diet, what changes are you going to make?  If it exercise, when, where, for how long, how many times a week?  It might sound like a bit to think about, but the clearer you have everything in your head, the more likely you will do it.

Thirdly; You goal should be measuareble.  Think about not just your end result, but the milestones along the way.  Keeping with the losing weight theme.  If you wish to lose 2 stone in 4 months, you may set measurable goals of 2lbs a week.  If you lost 2lbs a week, you will have lost 2st in 4 months but it keeps it easier as you are just focusing on the 2lbs every week.

Fourthly; Make it attainable. I am terrible for this one.  If I want to lost weight, I wasnt to have lost 2 stone in time for a party in 2 weeks.  Its never going to happen and I just feel bummed out.  So keep it realistic and attainable.  You must believe you ca reach the goal you are setting for yourself.  If you know you do not have time to go to the gym 5 times a week, don’t set yourself a goal to do it.  Once you start falling behind with one part, we are more likely to give up so keep it attainable from the start.

Fithly; Keep your goal relevent.  This goes back to what I was saying in the beinning.  Look at your goals in the short and long term in relevance to your life.  It has to be something that you really want to do and you are willing to put the time in.  Whose got the time to waste to do something they don’t really care about?!

And finally; think about your time-frame.  If you have been following me so far, then you probably have already done this but not all goals fall into a specific time frame like weightloss so if yours doesn’t think about this now.  It can act as a really good motivator.  I for one work much better when I have a deadline in front of me.

Another tip I have is buddy-up.  Sometimes it is hard to work to deadlines etc… when you only have yourself to enforce them.  Working towards a goal with another can keep you motivated.  Like if you always go running with your friend, chances are, even if you can’t be bothered one day you will still go as you wont want to let them down.

So what are your New Year Resolutions?  Let me know in the comments section and lets see if we can all encourage each other to keep to them!

Love Nicola x