On This Day – I was Diagnosed with Cancer

It was the 4th January 2012 that I was diagnosed with bowel cancer.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  My dad coming over to watch my 3-month-old daughter and 2-year-old son whilst my husband took me to the hospital for my long-awaited colonoscopy.

I knew instantly that there was a problem, as soon as the consultant began the procedure – the weird looks and awkward silences when I asked what was wrong.  The nurse wouldn’t tell me what was happening, saying only that I should wait for the consultant to come and see me.  When the consultant finally did come, he said that he wanted my husband present.  All of this combined with the feeling in my heart and stomach meant I knew, before the consultant told me.  I knew that I had bowel cancer.  You can read all about my diagnosis here if you want to know more…

The strangest start of any year!  A time that should have been filled with resolutions and big plans of the year ahead with my small family became about only one – not dying.  I find the 4th January more significant than finding out I was all clear for many reasons but there is something about having your all wants focused to just… being alive.

10375900_10154354599385153_8940909248515840499_nDon’t get my wrong, I still make New Years resolutions about losing weight and exercising regularly which I fail miserably within weeks, if not days (which of course are my resolutions this year as well) but at least I know that I have the main one about staying alive – covered.

But I want to hear more about you guys…. What are your resolutions?  Leave a comment and let me know so that we can get each other on track!

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6 thoughts on “On This Day – I was Diagnosed with Cancer

  1. Hard to believe how quickly the time has gone by since you were diagnoised wih Colon Cancer but more importantly how you have coped with the changes to your life and the strides you have made in passing on positive messages.
    Instead of making new year resolutions which fall by the wayside, whether it is losing weight, getting exercise, being kinder etc, make this the year that you make small do-able changes which is what I am going to do. Join an exercise group, not on your nellie, take a walk at least once a day or walk to the shops instead of popping up in the car that is a small step but do-able. Chose between a starter or dessert when out for a meal and ordrr something fishy – that is do-able. Phone one person a week who you don’t see often to catch up is do-able and with a cup of coffee in your jand great me time. All do-able, not forgetting black coffee if out instead of all those fat laden lattes…all do-able. I now have a plan of do-ables.


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