Deliciously Ella’s Apple & Honey Loaf

I tried Ella’s super easy recipe for a little treat that is also ‘clean’ and I was thrilled with the results. Even as someone who doesn’t bake, it couldn’t be easier.

The recipe includes Apple purée – which is also easy you basically boil and blend apples but they do need to simmer for 40 mins and the cake baked for 50 mins so takes a little while but hardly any ‘hands on’ time.

Even more importantly it tastes amazing. Kind of like banana bread but without the guilt, amazeballs! Of course the true taste test happens when I try to give it to my 5 and 3 year olds but it also passed that rigorous taste test with flying colours!

I bought all the ingredients from Tesco online so no need to worry about any of the ingredients being too random.

I can see this becoming a regular treat in the Bourne household.

Happy eating! X

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Purchase The Fabulous Woman’s Guide Through Cancer on Kindle or in Paperback here!

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