Why I Wrote My Book – The Fabulous Woman’s Guide Through Cancer

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I looked for a book, a source of all the information I needed, but couldn’t find one that answered the questions that I had.


I found cancer books were either very medical, or memoirs. I was only thirty-one when I was diagnosed and I had a two-year old and a three-month old baby. My concerns were not about how cancer develops but about the non-death-defying parts of having cancer such as; How do I explain cancer to my children? What should I pack for hospital? How can I stay social when I can’t go out? How will I cope with bodily changes I am about to experience? I wanted real advice from real women who have really had cancer.

As my journey continued I met other women with cancer who had also found a lack of information. That is when I knew that, as a writer, I had to write this book, for all the fabulous women with cancer.  To give a first-hand viewpoint, with a deep understanding and experience of what they are going through.

Plus, I have a genuine passion for helping other women who are affected by this awful illness.  I hope you find it useful.

Happy reading x

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One thought on “Why I Wrote My Book – The Fabulous Woman’s Guide Through Cancer

  1. Well done, what an achievement. Real help and advice for those in need at such a difficult time. I will be sending a copy to the hospice for their Library. You are an amazing woman.

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