Brilliance in Blogging Awards Nomination

Writing & Blogging

I have very excitedly been nominated for a Brilliance in Blogging Award but the nominations are still open and the more nominations I get, the more chance my blog has of being shortlisted.

If you are enjoy this blog and would be interested in nominating me you can do so here…

I think I am most suited to the ‘Inspire’ and ‘Writers’ categories… maybe even Outstanding?

Nominations are open until 12th April


If you need them my blog url is

Twitter handle is @njbrn

For your favourite post url, if your fav is;

The Stupid Things People Say –

The Benefits of Hindsight and the Lowest of the Low –

How Research Helped Save Me –

This Too Shall Pass –

Those are the 4 most popular but if you want to mention another one, click on that post then copy the title in the navigation bar at the top (or ask me and I will tell you).

Thank you all



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