#100ActiveDays – Day 100!!!

IMG_8849Yes Day 100, I actually can’t believe it.

Well it was actually yesterday and we spent it on a long walk around the woods near where we live on an adventure / bug hunt.

I would definitely say that #100ActiveDays has given me so much motivation, even if it hasn’t made me a lot fitter in technical terms.  Day’s when I thought I couldn’t really be bothered, I made sure I did something, even if it was just walking the school run instead of driving.

That level of motivation has also seeped through into other areas of my life and I have definitely got more energy and drive to get on with things rather than thinking, I can’t really be bothered and flopping on the sofa.  That said it has also been excellent for me tuning back into my body after the illness and treatment and learning when I need to hang back and not push my body to hard – like with my ankle, more on that later…

Another thing I have enjoy is doing so many of the activities with my husband and children, turning them into family time.  The children now love going on adventure walks and looking for bugs, even when the weather is pretty terrible.  My little daughter loves joining in when I do an exercise DVD (and by joining in I mean getting under my feet, jumping up and down and shouting ‘this is exhausting’ :)), she thinks the whole thing is hilarious.


I was certainly hoping to do more running than I have but an old ankle injury flaring up and then falling down the stairs and bruising my ankle awfully (I’m fine by the way, I slipped whilst holding my laptop which I didn’t want to drop so I didn’t put my hands out / grab onto the banister and went sliding down instead bruising my ankle, thigh and arm – priorities?!) have meant it hasn’t been possible.  But that hasn’t stopped me bring active with walks and fitness DVD’s.

My favourite activity was Roller Skating and the children agree so the kids and I will definitely be going roller skating again soon.

But it’s not all going to end here.  I am still going to try to make sure that I remain active everyday and continue to reap the rewards.  Do you think you would try to complete #100ActiveDays?  Let me know in the comments and tell me what you will be doing.  I am confident you will find it a positive thing to do!

Happy exercising!


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2 thoughts on “#100ActiveDays – Day 100!!!

  1. Nicola,

    It has been a pleasure to follow your progress via your blog and on behalf of the #100activedays team we congratulate you on your persistence, effort, and sharing your continued journey with us.

    Love you work!!


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