To Late to Start the New Year?

My friend and I were discussing how January has, in so many ways, been a write-off month!  It’s cold, we’re skint, we are desperately trying to get our children (and ourselves) back into a routine after the mayhem of Christmas.  Not the start to 2015 we were planning on.

Relieved in our knowledge that there was someone else in the world feeling this way we decided that we are going to ‘officially’ start 2015 in February!  Will you join us?

imagesExercise is going ok as I’m still taking part in my #100ActiveDays but I am going to up the healthy eating, with the help of Cameron and Davina – two awesome books about eating well and giving up sugar (ahhhhhh – dare I truly contemplate???)

If you have any recipes or recipe books that you could recommend please leave a comment or you can Facebook or tweet me and try to help me along the way!

Happy 2015 everybody! 🙂

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