Today was a landmark day.  My first run in a year – and when I say year, I mean – a year ago I jogged a couple of times, not a year ago I was entering marathons – just want to be clear!  But in attempt to be ‘Fit and Fabulous’, excuses finished, I’m getting fit.

I did 100 Healthy Day’s before which was really helped but this is a bit more specific about exercise.  So  my goal – to do something active and fitness related, everyday for 100 days.  This time I will be blogging about it daily to keep me on track, because you are more likely to stick to a goal if you share what you are doing with others – and hopefully hear some words of encouragement about it from you about how amazingly I am doing?! 🙂

Also, any suggestions about things I could be doing and trying, more than welcome.  I had some awesome one’s when I was doing #100HealthyDays so more please.

Day 1 – Running

Out the house at 6am (before baby girl wakes up).  I read a good way to start running is to do 1 minute running, 1 minute walking, 1 minute running, 1 minute walking…..  So that is what I did, for 15 minutes.  Followed by 50 sit-ups (the little ones) and a bit of stretching.

3 thoughts on “#100ActiveDays

  1. Hello lovely x some tips for u x

    1. Defo invest in some good trainers
    2. Music Defo helps me run, iPod etc
    3. If you are interval training 1min run, 1min walk etc when running, run as fast as you possibly can…
    4. Always Stretch before and after
    5. The Plank is a great exercise for abs plus doesn’t hurt as neck or back,…aim for 1 min Xx

    Good luck x


    1. Oh thank you. Very kindly my friend gave me her brand new Nike Air ID’s – result!
      Although…. reasons for new shoe shopping…. I’m on it!
      The plank – awesome idea, plus won’t pull on my stomach muscle which I am always paranoid about.
      Thank you Nikki


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