5 Tips When Going for a CT Scan

Now I have had a few over the years, I have learnt a few things that are well worth remembering when going for a CT scan…

  • Unless are rather partial to the ‘property of the NHS, do not remove’ printed gown, don’t wear anything with metal on, by that I mean zips, buttons, wires. like a track suit or dress.  As long as you have no metal you can keep your clothes on and don’t have to change into a gown.
  • Fellow girls – don’t wear an underwire bra, same reasons as above!
  • There is no positive way to spin it, the drink they send you to drink is rank!  I have tried it with ever flavour cordial and I can confirm that blackcurrant masks the taste the best.  Also don’t hold back when adding cordial.  This isn’t lightly flavouring water, it’s making it drinkable so my advice, go for it!
  • A chaser.  Unfortunately I don’t mean anything to exciting, but with a CT scan you can normally eat and drink so I like to follow it straight up with a drink I like the taste of to ‘cleanse my pallet’!
  • Allow a fair bit of time either side of your appointment.  As well as needing you to be there 30 minutes early (which it should say in your letter, for you to drink yet more of the drink) they ask you to stay for 15 minutes afterwards to make sure you are feeling OK after your scan so make sure to leave extra time.

CT scans are quick, you can see the radiographers, the machine is cylinder but not a tube so you shouldn’t feel claustrophobic.

Best of luck, Nx

3 thoughts on “5 Tips When Going for a CT Scan

  1. Do you do anything to detox your body after? I am going for mine in 3 weeks and I was told I have to drink 64 oz. of water beforehand . Did you have to do that? They didn’t say anything about drinking something else 30 minutes before, although I did do that for another ct test. 64 oz? I’ll pee all over the table!


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