Beginners Guide to Blogging

I am so completely and beyond thrilled that my little blog has inspired others to start blogging.  My blog really is still a baby, recently having it’s typewritter blog 21st birthday.  There are a few things that I have learnt over the last year that I thought I would share with my newbie bloggers…

Tweet Tweet

If you haven’t used Twitter before it can seem a touch overwhelming but it is honestly easy once you get the hang of it and if I can do it, anyone can.  Most importantly it is amazing for bloggers as you can easily interact with people interested in what you are saying.

  • ALWAYS tweet a link to your latest post.
  • Make sure you use a #hashtag when tweeting about whatever your blog post is about so people can easily search for the content.
  • Follow others and reply to their tweets.  The more your name starting flashing up over twitter the more chance of people reading your blog.

Find Your Voice

There is so much information available on the internet that what people are looking for when reading blogs is a bit of personality, to really hear someone’s voice and understand their  experience.  A lot of my blog is about my experience with cancer and a colostomy, books I have read, places I have been, tips I can pass on through my knowledge or experience – not just a generic, this is what I researched and this is what I found.  I do incorporate those posts (although very much in my style) but it is the personal ones that people always relate and respond too.

vintage cameraPictures!

When faced with a long piece of writing, can look a bit drab, chuck in some pictures and it gives it some spark.  Using photo’s you have taken is always easiest, saves the whole copyright debacle but there are websites that supply free pictures should you so wish.

No Waffling

Attention spans are much shorter when reading online than in-print so keep blog posts much more specific and to the point.  I personally set an 1000 word limit on a bulky topic like cancer, 500 for a review type post.  Anything longer, people will switch off before they get to the end.

Keep Writing

Sounds obviously but with life / work / kids all getting in the way….  If you want to keep your stats up and readership high, then you need to keep posting.  When I have been quiet (like over the summer) the posts that I do post, don’t get anywhere near as much attention as the ones that I post when I am posting all the time – does that make sense?!  Having said that, don’t just be throwing out rubbish.  People will only keep reading, and you will only produce something you are truly proud of, if the posts are high quality contact.

photo copy 3Give Yourself a Chance

It takes time to build a blog, readership, followers, it wont happen over night, but that’s fine.  It takes time to experienced at anything, including blogging.  I would say it took a year before I felt my blog was really moving in the direction I wanted and getting recognition from it.  Use that time to keep posting, get together some great content and build your confidence anmd don’t worry about how quickly other blogs are growing.  I recently read on twitter,

Weeds grow faster than tree’s, it doesn’t make them better

Love this quote and seriously, how true?

Happy blogging and comment below with your blog links x


Are there any tips that you would share?  Please pop them in the comment box (right at the very very bottom of the post page… keep scrolling, it is down there I promise)

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