Day 12 – 100 Healthy Days – Up-ing My Game

12 Days in, how’s it been going?

The first few days my actual goal that is to ‘move more’ was met but my hope for that to include daily exercising was near impossible.  Mainly due to a horrible cough and cold and clashing schedules with my hubby (my friend is never going to arrange to go running with me again the amount I had to cancel on her) but as I said, I have been successful in moving more.  Walking into town with the children instead of driving as I normally would, small changes like that, that are hopefully going to make a big difference.

Eating wise though things did start well.  Swapping spaghetti for ribboned Courgettes when the family are having pasta, having Ryvitta ‘sandwiches’ instead of actual sandwiches and making a real point of going for the healthy option – like when we stopped for breakfast, everyone ordered the full English, I had a Granola, Fruit & Yogurt Knickerbocker Glory – somehow I swear it tastes better delivered as a dessert.  I did still have the odd ice-cream with the kids (as I said nothing has been dis-allowed) but worlds apart from where my diet has been recently.

The last few days I have done really well.  Swimming everyday, eating salads, rice dishes and fresh food.    I do feel that I should tell you though that this is currently what I am working with – think it would actually be tougher to not go swimming everyday in this pool.


What I am hoping is that this will continue and serve as seriously good motivation once I am back in the UK.  Time will tell…. But I think I need your help!  I need tips, suggestions, ideas, things to do, exercise classes, apps – anything that can help push me forward it my goal of 100 Healthy Days.  I am including Emotional Health in this so anything you can think of.  Please pop your comment in the box below and let me know.  Thanks!

If you want to remind yourself on how this started you can read my original blog post here!

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10 thoughts on “Day 12 – 100 Healthy Days – Up-ing My Game

  1. Nic,The SparkPeople app lets you do that.They also have a website but of course you cant scan barcode from there 🙂
    MapMyRun uses GPS to log your run/walk/bike and allows you to record other activity (in minutes or whatever). They also have a function for recording meals.
    I am notorious for starting a new regime only to falter and give up within a week… So I came across this website during work goals development, and this form ( can be used for about anything. It’s encouraged me to get outside for that jog almost every day, and when I say “jog” I mean it’s only about a mile every time but it’s something!
    Love from across the pond. You can do it!


  2. I’m not on facebook and have never responded to a blog before but your updates inspired me to make a comment.
    Are you using MyFitnessPal app? Once you get into the swing of things it’s easy to track your food, water (and alcohol) consumption as well as exercise. You can scan the barcodes on food and then modify based on how much you have.
    As for other ways to move more and to tackle your “things I’ve never tried before” list, how about ballroom dancing? I started with my husband a few years ago and loved it. We’ve not been for a while so this is a useful reminder for me to start up again.


    1. I’m so thrilled my post inspired a response, that’s awesome!
      I am definitely getting that app, sounds perfect for me.
      That’s such a good tip. Hubby and I have often discussed Salsa dancing but never done it. This is the perfect excuse to start!
      Thanks Sharon


  3. As you know I’m with you on this Nicola. I’ve been eating Ezekiel bread wraps with hummus, avocado, mozzarella, tomato, olives and roquette. It’s delicious, filling and healthy.


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