My 100th Post & 1st Birthday!

f403950fceb189c91fc58ffa65c60472This is my 100th post and it was also the 1st birthday of this Blog last week so pretty exciting in the world of this, my lovely little blog.

I love this blog, I love the opportunity to write, the opportunity to share my story and the opportunity to do anything I can to help anyone who may be experiencing the same thing or something similar or know someone who is.

Most of all I love hearing back from you guys.  Everyone’s stories and thoughts have meant so much to me, so I sincerely say thank you to you all.

I am not sure that I would ever go as fas as saying I am pleased I had cancer, but the way I have managed to take something so negative and from it gain the confidence to find my voice and create something I am really proud of.

In all honesty, if I can do it, anyone can do it, get through something they think may kill them and come out the other side stronger for it and I hope this blog continues to show that.

My dream for the next year of this Blog is that it continues to grow, build momentum and share more.

If you have any thoughts on things you would like to hear about or questions you would like me to answer, don’t be shy!  Get in touch.  Comment, Facebook, Tweet, Message me, whatever you like.

Thank you for reading, supporting and encouraging me.  Big hugs and kisses, thanks and love xxx

5 thoughts on “My 100th Post & 1st Birthday!

  1. I am curious as to how this has affected Tom and what is his side of the story, how he has been able to help, are there things he could have done, things that other partners could learn from? Any partner has a big impact on dealing with this situation. What help and support was Tom offered feom the NHS/MacMillan?


    1. That’s a really good question Lesley and well worth a post to itself so I will definitely work on that, but basically it was really difficult (for those who don’t know Tom is my husband), both for Tom and on us as a couple. There is very little in way of support, although it does seem to vary a lot based on your location. As I said, it deserves a post of its own so I will definitely do that. Thank you Lesley. Nx


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