The Anti-Bucket List Continues…

If you don’t know what my Anti-Bucket List is, you can find out exactly what I am talking about in my previous post ‘The Anti-Backet List’ but basically, the theory behind it is that people write Bucket Lists of things they would like to do before they die, I write an Anti-Bucket lists of things I would like to do because I survived.

10418189_10154241991000153_4028011133427836123_nSo 6 months in, I got the check and very big items off the Anti-Bucket List – going to a big Horse Race.  My husband bought me tickets to Royal Ascot for my birthday back in March and we finally went on Tuesday.

The event itself exceeded my expectations.  I don’t think I have ever experienced such a collective outpouring of adoration for all things British.  From standing meters away from the Queen, (THE ACTUAL QUEEN OF ENGLAND!!) and Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince Harry to singing British greats like Land of Hope and Glory, We’ll Meet Again and Hey Jude (fast becoming the second national anthem I think) around the Band Stand, accompanied by The Welsh Guard military band.  From Toff’s in top hats and tails, signet rings shining in the sun to the ordinary folk walking barefoot and swigging wine from the bottle, it literally was all there and I loved it.

Of course there was also actual horse racing going on as well which was pretty awe-inspiring to watch, those horses are just amazing.  We were in the Grandstand meaning we could go watch the horses before the race and get really close, it was awesome.  Even though hubby and I won nothing, not one penny, we had the best day and I was SO pleased that the Anti-Bucket list finally gave us the momentum to do something we have been wanting to do for years.

Most importantly, I had a deeper level of appreciation that I get to enjoy these things

This day out confirmed for me why I decided to have an Anti-Backet List and why I think everyone should have one.  Obviously money and time are always considerations but you haven’t got to go crazy, pick as many as you can realistically do and go for it.  It could just be a walk you have always wanted to do, or completing a Race for Life?

The point is it is so easy for life to get in the way.  Year after year can easily go by without doing these things.  Nothing serves are more of a reminder for this than getting a life-threatening illness but truthfully we shouldn’t let it reach that stage.  Be living the life you want to live now.

Another (slightly more random) thing that I learnt at Royal Ascot is that I am rather partial to a fascinator!  I may even wear a hat to my cousins wedding next week.

I really genuinely want to know, what one thing is on your Anti-Bucket list?  Click on comment at the top of this post and let me know.

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