Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom – Book Review

This book was recommended to me by a couple of people, but I have no idea how I had never read this book before.  I had never even heard of it and I am now so thankful that I have it in my life.  It is the most profound book and I challenge anyone not to feel their perspective changed and improved as a result of reading this book -and to not fall in love with the wonderful Morrie.


The book, the story, the words, everything about Tuesdays with Morrie is just beautiful.    It was Morrie’s last wish that this story was put into the world and it is such a gift to everyone who reads it.  I believe this is the sort of book people should read once every couple of years, just to remind us what’s important and enjoy these wonderful words.

I would have loved to hear a little more detail of their conversations and about Morrie specifically, his family.  Those things were quickly moved over and for such a short book, I think he could have given more detail here.  But that is probably just because I am in love with Morrie and want to know everything about him!

I could not recommend this book enough to everyone.

Enjoy.  A complete 4.5 out of 5

6 thoughts on “Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom – Book Review

  1. He also wrote the Five People You Meet in Heaven, a beautiful read. Quote “All endings are also beginnings. we just don’t know it at the time”. Hope you get to read this one Nicola.


  2. It’s funny Nicola but your Mum loved the books by Mitch Albom and she was the one who gave me a copy of The Five People you meet in Heaven, she also gave a copy to Ashley, who in turn bought me Tuesday with Morrie. So it goes round….special,books from special people.

    Enjoy your reading

    Lol xxx

    💜 Sent from my iPad



  3. I loved this book. You may want to read “The Five People you Meet in Heaven” by the same author. (not necessarily who you think they might be!) And “For one More Day”.


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