Spring Health & Beauty 19 – Hayfever Hay Max

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Don’t let pollen get you down.

Spring Health & Beauty 19 – Hayfever Hay Max

Hayfever is one of those things that doesn’t sound anywhere near as bad as it is.  Yes, its not life threatening or anything but it can really ruin a summer and after years of suffering I know it only to well how ridiculously annoying it can be.

I have spoken about this before but after years of suffering with hay fever I find this product fantastically effective and its non-invasive – Hay Max

Its a cream, similar in substance to Vaseline which you wipe around your nostrils and it stops the pollen entering in to your system.  A little trick I have learnt it putting a touch on your eyelashes (never on the eye) to stop pollen entering you eyes.


It’s a few quid but a tiny pot will last me all season.  You can buy in chemists on online.

Happy summer x