Spring Health & Beauty Tip 15 – Olive Oil

The Wonders of Olive Oil

Spring Health & Beauty Tip 15 – Olive Oil

Olive Oil can be used in all kinds of fantastic ways to keep your hair, skin and nails looking fabulous!

Some people panic at the thought of putting oil on their skin, thinking that it is going to make it even more oily but it’s honestly not the case.  Firstly – Oil dissolves when it comes into contact with water.   Secondly – the molecules of oil are smaller than cream so the skin absorbs it really well.  Finally – you should only use a tiny amount.

Essential Oils
Olive Oil

So best way to use it –

  • Treatment for Dry Hands – rub some on before going to bed and ideally wear some cotton gloves on to allow it to absorb over night.
  • Treatment for Dry Feet – same as hands but with socks
  • Hair Treatment – Gently warm and massage into the scalp and hair all the way to the ends.  Wrap in cling film or a shower cap.
  • Soften Cuticle – with a little warm olive oil.
  • Body Moisturiser in the Bath – A couple of table spoons in the bath with a couple of drops of essential oils mixed in before popping it in the bath.

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Happy Oiling x

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