Bring on the TOWIE – Chloe’s Beauty Bar Opening

Last week I was invited to Essex for the opening of Chloe Sims Beauty Bar and meet the lady behind the venture.

Chloe came across as a sweet, genuine woman with a real passion for what she is embarking on.  Years of personal experience have brought her to a place where she is able to open something that, even in an area surrounded by beauty salons and hairdressers, stands out as something unique.

So what makes Chloe’s Beauty Bar unique?

It’s a one stop shop to look completely fabulous.  Chloe has deliberately and successfully pulled together chic and glamour to let men & women look their best.  There are no lengthy treatments lists and detailed price structures.  Easy, affordable fabulousness is all you will have to worry about at Chloe’s.

Achieved with a Look Book of 5 different Make-Up looks and 5 different Hair Styles for you to choose from.  Such a fabulous idea, because sometimes you know what you want but can’t explain it, this way you can just look at the book and choose, perfect.  And they are all one price, none of this starting at…. and you have no idea what you are going to end up paying, it’s upfront, nice and easy.  Obviously Chloe’s skilled stylists and make-Up artists can do different looks if you want but its a great starting point.  And the Hair Stylers don’t just have to work with your own hair, they have a whole host of extensions and pieces to get the look just right for you, no matter what the length or thickness of your hair is.

It doesn’t stop at Hair & Make-Up…  

The theme of looking gorgeous continues with Nails including Gel Treatments, 1 hour Spray Tans (yes one hour, no more waiting overnight and all that drama – Godsend), which are both available from Chloe’s own brand Starship. Eyelashes & Brows and the necessary evil; Waxing!

The Beauty Bar itself…

This feeling of chic glamour is not just in her treatments and products but within the space itself.  With its beautiful white drapes and subtle gold sparkle  and even a bar Chloe has achieved a beautiful space that anyone will feel decadent within.  Chloe told me that she did have an Interior Designer to create the look but it was her vision and ideas that were brought to life.

One the day, we were treated to a treatment…  

I had a VIP hairstyle and even my straight as a ruler hair was transferred into beautiful curls.  My lovely friend Emma tried the 1 Hour Spray Tan using the product from Chloe’s Starship range and we were so impressed with the results.  I took this picture of her tan line about 30 minutes after her spray and I think anyone who has had a spray tan will think that’s amazing.  The Spray tan has been especially designed to work with your skin to bring out your natural skin tone in the tan, avoiding that awful orange look that can put many of us off spray tanning.

One of my favourite things about Chloe’s Beauty Bar…

Is the ‘reveal’.  I’m sure we all know that feeling.  Sat in front of the hairdressers mirror for however long under unforgiving light and uninterrupted scrutiny meaning that even the most vain and confident amounts us will start to pull themselves apart and see faults that no one else will notice including every tiny spot or wrinkle.  I seriously hate that but none of that at Chloe’s.  The mirrors are covered with beautiful white curtains and then at the end you get a real ta-da moment when they pull the curtain back.  As Chloe explained;

photo 3 copy“It can feel a bit uncomfortable staring the mirror, I do it all the time, sit there thinking ‘I wish I had put my make-up on’, but once all your hair and make-up is on, then we reveal it at the end, everyone should feel really good.  You never see what you look like until the end.”

Talking about her inspiration Chloe said…

“I visited a ‘Blow Bar’ in Los Angeles and I liked the way it was all clear with accent colours, here I have gone for gold.  I liked how they had clear price lists with a menu, because sometimes in Beauty Salons they have so many treatments with al different prices, your not sure what it is.  I wanted to keep it simple, 5 hair styles, 1 price that’s that. So that is what I have tried to bring to Essex.

Obviously a blow bar just does hair but I wanted to incorporate my hair, tanning, nail and make-up ranges to make it a one-stop-shop. I wanted it to be very relaxing so that when people come here they feel like they’ve had an experience and  a nice luxury treatment done.”

For my Cancer Chemo Superstars…

As well as just generally feeling better for having a bit of pampering I sussed out some specific treatments for all my Cancer and Chemo Superstars.

  • Eyelash extensions are in strips, perfect for if you’ve lost your natural eyelashes as they are attached to the eyelids.  You can have them applied in Chloe’s or you can purchase just the stripes and apply them at home.
  • Hair Pieces that cover a little over half the head, so when hair is starting to grow back they can do fabulous styles, using your natural hair at the front and a piece at the back.
  • Home Tanning because when you are feeling a little washed out a bit of colour can make you feel a thousand times better.  Chloe sells her 1 hour tan for home use – instant pick me up!

A few extra things from Chloe…

If she could have anyone visit it would be Rhianna or Kim Kardashian.

Her outfit was all high street (girl after my own heart) – Shoes & Skirt from Zara, Top from Rover Island, Choker from Top Shop and Handbag from New Look – but she still looked a million dollars.

If you love the sounds of Starship products but can’t get to Essex…

I have fab news.  A lot of Chloe’s products and hair pieces can be bought for use at home.  Very generously Chloe is giving me discount codes and links, to pass on to you lovely readers so keep your eyes peeled and I should have them up in the next couple of days.

I do have one very big complaint about Chloe’s Beauty Bar…

It’s not in Hertfordshire (where I live)!  This is honestly the sort of place that I have dreamed of.  Somewhere you can go before a big event and night out, walk in looking normal and come out a Goddess.  Chloe I gently urge you to start a chain and down right beg you to make the next one in St Albans!

I want to hear from you…

What’s your favourite thing about visiting a beauty salon or what do you wish yours had?  Leave a comment in the box below xx


4 thoughts on “Bring on the TOWIE – Chloe’s Beauty Bar Opening

  1. Wow, I’m well JEL lol. This sounds fab! Glad the products can be bought online, look forward to the discount codes you are going to post. I agree with you, really hope she opens a chain, would love some thing like this up in Scotland. The whole concept sounds bliss. Glad you got to experience it and thanks so much for sharing.


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