A Single Breath by Lucy Clarke – Book Review

Lucy Clarke’s debut novel The Sea Sisters was my unexpected book of 2013 so I was very excited about her second novel coming out.

A Single Breath was an easy beautiful read.  You get thrown into the action, after which the first half was a lot of scene setting, the second half is where the action is and the story starts to unravel, so I was truly in a race to get there.  The number of twists was incredible, just when you think the book is one thing it turns into something else.  Like an onion peeling off layer and layer which meant I truly struggled to put this book down.  I can’t imagine how the author Lucy Clarke manages to plot a story like this.


What I love about Lucy Clarke’s books is her ability to bring such mystery to the story.  It is not just which path will the heroine take but will she be able to figure out what happening so that she can choose the correct path.

I am not a big fan of long descriptive settings of which there are quite a lot of but in A Single Breath is equates to so much more than just description.  The setting is so integral it makes another lead character in the book and the descriptions so beautiful I am now desperate to go to Tasmania… not sure I even knew where it really was before reading this book (terrible but true).  I must say the thought of the travel ‘research’ the author must do makes me a little green with envy as it sounds so fabulous and is translated beautifully into her writing.

A Single Breath is an absolute must read of 2014.

I give this book a fab 4 Stars out of 5

Happy reading xxx

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