6 Health Benefits Of Oranges

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I love oranges. Orange is a very common fruit tree known for its orange color. It is harvested and produced from different parts of the world like Brazil, United States,  China,  and Egypt. It is delicious and rich in antioxidants. There are 6 reasons below why you should be eating orange.

1. Helps prevent cancer.
Citrus limonoids,  a substance known to help fight many types of cancers such as skin cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, and liver cancer.

2. Lowers Cholesterol.
Oranges are rich in fiber that helps lower cholesterol level.

3. Boosts heart health.
Orangeis richin potassium,  a mineral which is essential for the heart.

4. Anti-viral properties.
Polyphenols in oranges, a type of antioxidant, are known to have anti-viral properties.

5. For better vision.
It is rich in vitamin A, an essential vitamin for the eyes.

6. Helps in weight loss.

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