Easy Quick Healthy Tip 27


Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Easy Quick Healthy Tip 27 – Sleep

sleepSo today is the last day of our Easy Quick Healthy Tip series and I thought I would finish you off on my favorite one – SLEEP!

Since having kids sleep is quite literally one of the my favourite things to do but it is completley necesary as well.  As you already know, this is when your body gets a chance to process and function without you interuppting it with demands!  Sleep is important for each and every cell in your body to work properly, its that simple.

For one reason or another peoeple don’t always find sleep easy so here are a couple of things that may help…

  • A couple of drops of Lavender essential oil on your pillow (or a hanky that’s on your pillow if you don’t want to risk marking your pillow cases).
  • A few drops of Bach Remedy Night Rescue if your lack of sleep is due to worry.
  • A sleep meditation CD.  Especially good if you have difficulty shutting your mind off as this will help keep your mind occupied and send you to sleep at the same time.
  • Keep your bedroom as your sacntuary.  That means, clean, clear from clutter.  Try not to work or watch TV or anything in your bedroom, you don’t want your mind to associate your bedroom with anything but sleep.

What are your night time rituals to help you sleep??

Sweet dreams everyone xxx