Easy Tip Healthy Tip 26

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Easy Tip Healthy Tip 26 – Laugh!

Laughter triggers physicaly changes in your body which can include, srengthening your immune sytem, realeasing endorphines (the feel good hormone) and increase energy.  It can also be a fantastic way to help deal with stress and difficulties.  Humour in situations can often help it stop feeling as overwhelming and help your have a more positive outlook.

Ok so its not necessarily something that you can just make yourself do… right now!  But it might work quite well to have a store of completly commical moments in your head that you can draw on when you need to make yourself laugh – for me it is when my brother pulled a chair from under our sister when we were kids and she feel in the floor….  It’s actually the look on her face when she realised what he had done that makes me laugh (I’m chuckeling to myself just writing about it) but keep it on your fight-the-blues amnition.

laughterLuckily laughter doesn’t just have to come from within.  I have certain mates I know I will be belly-laughing if I see and certain films / TV shows, going to a comedy club, muck about with your children, anything with Alan Carr in!

Go on…. get them on, lift your soul.

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