Easy Quick Healthy Tip 20

Create Your Own Inner Haven at Home

Easy Quick Healthy Tip 20 – Declutter & Decorate

My bedroom is always the last room I look after when cleaning, sorting etc…  First it’s downstairs, then the kids room & by the time I have finally done all that, the kids have destroyed it all and I need to start downstairs again!  My bedroom also still felt like my ‘sick room’ after my cancer treatment so wasn’t somewhere I particularly enjoyed being.  No more!

I had someone watch the kids for the day, took out all the furniture, gave it a quick lick of paint, everything went in to sell / charity / throw / keep piles, then I put everything back in a completely different place (including all the furniture).  I finally put pictures in frames that have been sat empty under my bed for years and now have beautiful family photos all around the room.  I’m not the best painter & the walls ideally need to be plastered but, what an improvement on what it was.

20140124-115247.jpgI cannot tell you the difference it has made to my wellbeing.  It feels like a different room.  Every time I walk in the room now I feel calm and it is a joyous place to go to sleep.  It is also wonderful having one room in the house I feel like I can retreat to.

The only thing I bought was the paint, paintbrushes and new lamp shades (which were £5 in the sale from B&Q) to go on the old lamps.

If you don’t have time to do the whole room, just start with a drawer.  Maybe set yourself a goal of one drawer a week?  Whatever works for you but get sorting…. trust me you will feel better for it.

4 thoughts on “Easy Quick Healthy Tip 20

  1. It is so true, everyone needs a tranquil haven without TV etc where you can find peace and tranquility and a space that is yours, not the rest of the family. Chaos breeds chaos….tidiness brings calm. Well done on making the changes.


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