Easy Quick Healthy Tip 12

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Easy Quick Healthy Tip 12 – Walking

WalkingEspecially afer surgery or cancer – or any longterm illness / prolonged period of no exercise, you can often feel a little concerned about exercise and how much you can or should do.  Walking is a fantastic way to start as you can take it slowly and keep the walks short as you start and then build on your pace and the length as you feel your strength building.

Another factor that makes walking so fantastic is it’s be proven to be fantastic for your mood.  Getting out walking can help with depression and Season Affected Disorder which is prevelant at this time of year.  It’s especially effective for SAD if you can get a little sunshine and vitamin D on your skin in this miserable weather.  Even when the weather is bad me and mine get out these in our wellies and raincoats (not if its pouring, we’re not mad)!

Going for walks can also be really social, get a group of friends together or your best mate and rather than just sitting on the sofa, get out there.  Get all the benefits and there is plenty of time for chat – my kind of exercise.

Walking is also said to be more effective than coffee or a nap at fighting fatigue.  So the more tired you are, the more vital it is you get out there.

Final thing I am going to say about walking… it can really help clear your head and blow the cobwebs away.  Especially if you have been ill or stuck inside a lot lately, you can come back feeling so fresh and revitalised for being outside and getting some fresh air in your gills.  Even if you live in the middle of a city, the great thing about England is you are never to far from a park but if the City is your thing; walk around it, investigate it, look at the architecture, enjoy the sounds, just get out there!