The Anti-Bucket List

I think everyone is now familiar with the term Bucket List as a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket.  When I was having treatment for advanced Colorectal Cancer  I decided that when I got better I would flip the idea and came up with The Anti-Bucket List… these were things I was going to do, not because I was going to die, but because I was going to live.  Got the idea?

I see this as different to New Years Resolutions because I consider those the be goals of the year, whereas this list is more things I want to do and experience.

Last year I only included a few things as I was still having treatment / recovering but there were;

  1. Travel to somewhere I haven’t been before / Travel for the first time with my P1010291colostomy bag – I went to Morocco.  Truly amazing experience.  I was so nervous to travel for the first time with a colostomy bag but in reality it was fine.  Just made sure I had plenty of everything (I took about 2 months worth for 3 nights) and in all different bags in case something happened, but nothing did.  No trouble flying.  Everything was cool.  Have now flown a few times, all fine.  And Morocco itself was out of this world.  It is firmly at the high end of my favourite places to go list (Mexico remains number 1).
  2. Go to University – Wasn’t easy and at times I wondered why I put it on the list but I did it.  I now go to the University of Hertfordshire reading English Literature, Philosophy & Writing and I absolutely LOVE it.  It is one of my favourite things to do on earth at the moment.
  3. Read another 3 books of my list – My list is the BBC Top 100 Reads voted by the public.  Its been really good actually, made me read loses of books I wouldn’t have otherwise, most of which I have really enjoyed.

So that was last year, but what about this year…  This is what I have so far…

  1. Go to a fancy Horse Race – by that I mean like Ascot, a traditional big race where the ladiesIMG_2621 get seriously dressed up.
  2. See a Ballet at the Royal Opera House –  I haven’t been for years.
  3. Visit Harry Potter world at Letchworth Studios – as close as I can get to the real thing.
  4. Take part in Cancer Research’s Colour Run – Have you seen how much fun this looks… has to be done.  If you want move information about it, visit or if you want to know more about why Cancer Research means so much to me specifically you can click here!
  5. Go somewhere I haven’t been before – This doesn’t have to be abroad, there is still a lot in the UK I haven’t seen.  Quite like the idea of the outer-Heberdies… anyone have any suggestions?

So that is the Anti-Bucket list as it stands but I am looking for inspiration and things to add so please leave and comment & let me know what else I can do that will bring fun and excitement to this year I’m living.

But, most importantly, what is on your Anti-Bucket list?  I really would like to know leave a comment & tell me.

Whatever it is, hope you have fun doing it! x

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11 thoughts on “The Anti-Bucket List

  1. Wonderful..
    You need to go see the Edinburgh Tattoo which takes places in August – wonderful experience.
    I have been to Harry Potter World – a must
    Been to Ascot, really good fun
    Visit, Syke, Mull and Iona a very spiritual place which you would love

    my anti-bucket list would be:
    Learn how to really sew/trailoring, rather than rely on what I learnt at school between the ages of 12-16.
    Take up volunteering
    See more of England, so places I need to visit are: Isle of Wight, Northumberland, South Wales
    See more shows at the local theatres.


    1. Thanks Lesle and thank you so much for the ideas. I love any excuse to go back to Edinburgh so I am definitley putting that on my list and will look into those places. I love your list too. Let me know how you get on. xx


      1. Well two weeks on the Isle of Wight Booked for the first two weeks of may.
        Going to travel around Harrogate, York and into Northumberland end of June.
        Booked to see Riverdance at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton
        Seeing the local Crossways pantomine in february and this saturday going to see the Bishopstoke players in Eastleigh.
        So your anti bucket list spurred me on.
        One final thing was to make this the year i got my fitness back and weight down. All in progress including doing as many off road bike trails as we can and this week even had a bike rack fitted to the car.
        Good luck with all your adventures….


      2. Wow, I am so impressed Lesley and I am so pleased that the anti-bucket list has spurred you on. Now you have spurred me on… I need to get booking! Thanks Lesley xxx


  2. Hi Nicola, I love your positive attitude. Also I wanted to say how really proud of you I am.
    Here’s a suggestion:
    Learn a bit about photography. A friend of mine Carla Coulson has a
    webpage called Carla Loves Photography which is full of interesting info regarding taking pictures. She’s a fab lady, Australian and lives in Paris. Check it out. I think you will like her. A really positive lady who changed her life. You can subscribe (it’s free) and get the regular updates she sends out.
    Love to you,


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