Easy Quick Healthy Tip 2

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c218df0e74b511e3adee12c8647da77b_5Quite possibly the easiest thing you can do to detox!

Easy Quick Healthy Tip 2:  Skin Brushing

It works by stimulating the lymphatic system, which removes toxins from cells.  The lymphatic system is just under the skin so you don’t need to apply to much pressure.  Always work towards the heart, brushing over the whole body.  That means;

  • Up your arms from the wrist to shoulder
  • Up the legs from ankle to hip
  • Circular motions around the belly-button
  • From your breastbone, under your breast to underarm, then over the breast to underarm
  • Brush from spine, over shoulder to underarms.  Down either side of the spine.  The from middle of lower back round to the pelvis bone (obviously all these ones are easier with a long handled brush).

Ideally you want to skin brush first thing in the morning before your shower.

You buy a skin brush in Boots and I imagine most other pharmacies, for around £6 or £7.

Happy brushing, Nicola x