Easy Tip Healthy Tip 26

Laughter is the Best Medicine Easy Tip Healthy Tip 26 - Laugh! Laughter triggers physicaly changes in your body which can include, srengthening your immune sytem, realeasing endorphines (the feel good hormone) and increase energy.  It can also be a fantastic way to help deal with stress and difficulties.  Humour in situations can often help [...]

Easy Quick Healthy Tip 25

An Apple a Day... Easy Quick Healthy Tip 25 - Eat Apples One of lifes natural cleansers, apples help balance acidic body wastes and clean out your system, great when you are detoxing. Apples are also high in Flavonoids which can help prevent heart-disease and are high in anti-oxidents and we already know from older posts how [...]

Easy Quick Healthy Tip 24

Little Green Fingers Easy Quick Healthy Tip 24 - Get Gardening Gardening is a healthy tip because it does actually count as an exercise… yes, its true!  As long as you are getting stuck in (I don’t think cutting a few rose buds off a bush counts), which I can wholeheartedly agree with after cutting [...]

Easy Quick Healthy Tip 23

So pretty, oh so pretty…. Easy Quick Healthy Tip 23 - Warming, Nourishing Hair Treatment Don’t forget about the gorgeous hair that frames your face.  A fantastic hot oil treatment that will treat your hair & scalp.  Massage the whole scalp to relieve any tension, relax the muscles & help with headaches. Warm 4 tablespoons [...]

Easy Quick Healthy Tip 22

Healthy and yummy?! Easy Quick Healthy Tip 22 - Mango Ice Cream (healthy natural cheat version) I have stolen this from my lovely friend.  Quite possibly the easiest tastiest naturalist treat - that's not even a treat, its fruit and rice milk and that's it! Frozen Mango in small chunks and rice milk, in a blender [...]

Easy Quick Healthy Tip 21

Slice of Lemon Easy Quick Healthy Tip 21 - Hot Water & Lemon The best time to have this is in the morning before you have anything else and there are some awesome reasons why…. The juice from the Lemon is detoxifying and helps clear out the body. Supports the liver and aids digestion. The [...]