Where on Earth Have you Been?

Good question!  The answer is I have been in a crazed world of sickness, sick children, work, health issues and tiredness and everything such as looking after myself and doing the things that make me feel better (such as this blog) have fallen by the weyside.  The complete irony of this is that these are the times when I need to fall back on my knowledge and skills within nutrition, self healing and recharging so why is it that it is at these moments it all goes out the window?

It is like it suddenly all becomes far to much to think about anything other than getting through the next moment.  Like a ‘burying your head in the sand syndrome’ (I’m totally coining that phrase) until you reach a point when you realise you can’t keep moving forward if you do this.  Now I am quite prone to the BYHITS Syndome (as I am now shortening it to) so how can I stop myself falling into it?  My theory is that you cant.  We are all human, we all opperate in normally humanly ways for the good and the bad.  All we can do it acknowledge that we do this and recognise it in ourselves.  Maybe have a think about the triggers that lead to BYHITS Syndrome so that you can start to recognise as these changes happen, giving you the opportunity to get off that path before you wonder to far down it.

For me, I find that I am slowly no longer on top of anything.  I will start a number of jobs, but never actually finish anything until I have so many half finished jobs it all starts to feel slightly overwhelming and I need a lie down.  The answer for me is seperating my time.  I now go to the University library when I need to do work and when I am at home I can concentrate on the children and housework rather than trying to do an unseccseful attempt at them all and getting nothing done.  I have also been taking fruit and snacks to uni with me so I am not snacking on chocolate and crap from the vending machines which makes such a difference to my energy levels.

So have a think about your life, what could you do to make things slightly easier and help that overwhelming amount of things you need to do feel like a small mound rather than a mountain.  Let me know what you find…. maybe it could help me too!  And then we can all have a relaxing lie down!

and relax

Love Nicola x

Please tell me what you think…..

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