But I Deserve Chocolate…. Don’t I?

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I have always been addicted so sweet things.  I love pretty much anything covered in sugar, I add one & a half sugars to my coffee (that’s if I’m not drinking a massive vanilla late from Costa) and I always drink coca-cola… daily, like ALL the time.  Love it.

But when thinking about the relationship between my thought pattern & my sweet-tooth yesterday something did occur to me.  I think I deserve it.  Literally.  I think that I have been through so much crap with the cancer & everything that I deserve these little treats.  I can actually identify now that it became really bad, bordering on obsessive behaviour that I had to eat a bar of chocolate or tub of sorbet every evening towards the end of my cancer treatment & it is a ritual that has become habitual so now I can’t imagine giving it up.

Whilst thinking about it I realised how much I need to change my point of view.  Actually filling my body with horrible toxins isn’t something I deserve (no matter how good they taste), no one deserves that.  What I do deserve is to have the healthiest body known to man.

This is something I discussed with the fabulous cropped-long-logo-small-jpegwhen I met with her.  She said that it is to be expected & I shouldn’t be hard on myself but I was making the right steps & as long as I continued to make good choices, things would only get better.

One of the best things she said was that she’s not going to tell me to give up anything (YEAH).  Lauren said that she didn’t want to tell me not to eat something, then all I am going to do is want to eat it, feel like I’m on a diet & think I can’t do it & give up.  Instead Lauren wants me to focus on all the things that  I should be including in my diet & believes that the more good I start eating, the more the bad stuff will start to fall away.


So what’s the good stuff?  Come on, you know the answer to this, we all do… more fresh fruit & vegetables.  Well an Alkaline diet is ideal (more about an Alkaline diet in a future post), as it gets your body’s system back in balance.  Particularly good as a cancer preventative diet.

How am I doing?  Pretty well.  I’m not going to lie, I have still have some Coca Cola & Costa coffees but less than normal & I have all kinds of fab things going in my diet now…. Salmon Salads instead of Spag Bol, Flax Seeds & Goji Berries sprinkled on my organic porridge oats for breakfast instead of.. well nothing, I only used to have coffee for breakfast.  My blender & Juicer have never been used so much.  I have even been making Smoothies & Juices that I can even get my son to drink so that’s a double fantastic (I will post some recipes on her shortly as well).

Incidentally, if you have any good smoothie or juice recipes, please leave a comment & let me  know them, the more super food ideas, the better!

Wishing you love & health

Nicola xx

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