Hot Wax, Hot Stuff!

Beauty Treatment

A treatment review from when I was pregnant….

Having a bikini wax seems almost pointless as I can barely see my belly-button, let alone anything below my bump but not wanting anything to get too out of control I went to Oxygene Beauty Salon in Muswell Hill, North London, but rather than having the regular warm wax that most salons offer I opted for Hot Wax.

If I am completely honest the only reason that I went for hot wax was because she was the only therapist available but once I was there, I was pleased it had happened, as my therapist explained to me the many benefits of using hot wax…

Hot wax is made up of Beeswax and a resin and is much thicker than warm wax. The warmer temperature of the wax on the skin means that the hair follicles open ensuring that the root sheath comes away. Which means it is supposed to last longer, minimise ingrown hairs and be less painful for the client.

Well, anything that makes a bikini wax less painful, I’m up for trying!!! So what happened in the treatment…

The therapist had her pot of melted wax, but rather than using a little spatula to take the wax out the pot (like with warm wax), it looked more like a slightly rounded wooden stick that she absolutely covered in wax. She then applied the wax straight to my skin, using small circular movements to get the wax around all the hairs and in a thick layer. The therapist then had to wait for the wax to cool and harden at which point she pulled the wax straight off the skin with her hands.

I definitely preferred this method!

Even with the extra-sensitive skin that pregnancy can cause, I found this method less painful – not pain free i hasten to add, it appears that will never happen!. There seemed to be less need to go over areas already covered to get out stubborn hairs (it generally seem that a lot of my hairs are very stubborn). As the therapist is applying the wax she could choose how big or small the areas were, meaning that she could pull off larger areas in one go. Although pulling off more wax at one time was probably more painful in the moment, it meant larger areas were covered instantly making it less painful in the long run.

The only downside I found was the waiting for the wax to dry and harden. There were quite a few moments when I was just laying there waiting.

The end result is fantastic, it is great to feel like at least one part of my body is perfectly groomed and I have definitely been converted to hot wax!

Please tell me what you think…..

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