Journey Back to Health

Journey Back to Health

I must admit that I always thought (or maybe it was hoped) that once I got through cancer I would have my last bout of Chemotherapy & then I would feel fine but the reality has been a lot harder than that.  Emotionally I have struggled more than I could have ever predictied.  Physically I have been exhausted, in discomfort sometimes pain, had new side-effects that started after my treatment finished and just generally struggling to get over everything that happened.

I also thought that once I finished my treatment everything was just be exactly how it was before but now I realise that to a degree, it wont be the case, partly for all the reasons listed above & partly because I have had cancer & I need to make adjustments to my lifestyle.  When I was ill, I used to say that I would do anything to make sure it would never happen again but the reality is my exercise & diet have all slipped over recent months.

I had a recent wake-up call when reading a blog by the fantastic Polly Noble that if I want to keep myself cancer free for the rest of my life I have to treat my mind, body & soul to a much higher standard.  Polly is living with Cancer & treating herself through diet, meditation & positive mental attitude.  It was a truly inspiring blog so take a look & now I am going to try & make significant changes which I will be updating on this blog.

Wish me luck!

Love, health & happiness

Nicola x